Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Playing in the Snow

Today after we got done with school, we made our way out into the snow. We had a great time. There is a park in our neighborhood with a great hill for sledding. Annalise once again showed her bravery, after a wipeout at the bottom, she made her way back up and did it again. I think Adriana is the only one who didn't have a good wipeout at some point.

Adriana, Alexie, and Alayna all pushed and pulled me on a sled back home. It took a while (and a little help on my part) but they finally delivered me to the door of my shop. I was glad to see them work through it and figure out how to pull together - literally. (We have actually been giving them more cooperative assignments so they will learn to work together better.)

Not all of the pictures are from today, some are from the last time out in the snow.




  1. Looks like you have been having lots of fun in the snow! I guess not long and you will be waving goodbye to it all. Enjoy it while you can. Michigan doesn't look a whole lot different than our neck of the world right now, but we have not been quite as enthusiastic.

  2. I love the white stuff. I will miss it while we are away. But I am sure it is much colder up there, eh?

  3. Hi Maxwells,
    Annalise is brave yes, however, you as a couple deserve credit for protecting her from irrational fears.
    We had snow in eastern Oregon as we passed through there yesterday. 6 degrees f overnight in Klamath Falls!
    Salem has been cold, but not freezing much. Lots of rain. I loved the pictures of the girls playing. Is Lexie's friend a cousin? She looks like a twin!

    We saw Annalise's Philippines story, where are the rest?

    Hugs to all!