Monday, August 17, 2009

500th Post - A Quiz

Some of you have been following our journey for some time. Others have joined us recently.

In order to celebrate the momentous occasion of our 500th post to this blog, we have decided to have a contest. Below are a number of questions. All of the answers can be found on our blog. Whoever correctly answers all of the questions first will receive a prize related to Igorot culture. Just answer the questions and submit them as a comment on this post. (It will help us to contact the winner if you don't respond anonymously.)

  1. Break the code: YWAM, SSM, MRP. What does each stand for?
  2. What do many of the people here worship other than the one, true God?
  3. What is the name of the school the girls attend?
  4. What is the language we are trying to learn?
  5. What village do we call home?
  6. What ministry does Thomas often participate in on Monday mornings?
  7. What two health screenings do we provide to people every Friday?
  8. What did we compare to playing Calvinball?
  9. What are the two big festivals that take place in Bontoc every year?
  10. There are 4 ways most people get around in Mountain Province. Three of them are walking, buses, and trikes. What is the other?
  11. What is the address of our YWAM ministry's website?
  12. In what village did our family learn to plant rice?
  13. What is the traditional musical instrument of the Igorot people?
  14. How old are each of the girls?
  15. Why does Lisa go to Bontoc Central School each week?
Have fun!


  1. 1.youth with a mission, student sponsorship ministry, moral recovery program


    3.good question.hahaha..i know they do home school,but ate lisa mentioned another school.she shouldnt have done it while we were in front of the food.hahahahaha...


    5.samoki?can-eo?im sure not chapyosen.


    7.blood pressure check up and glucose testing

    8.not playing Calvinball.hahahahahaha!! i dont know!=)

    9.lang-ay, am-among




    14.adriana is 14, alexie is 12, alayna is 10 and butterfly/oatmeal gobbler just turned 7.

    15.values education with grade 5 students.=)

  2. Some of Jason's answers are correct but he didn't get them all. The prize still has not been take a moment and enter. You might just be the winner.