Friday, August 28, 2009

YWAM Baguio DTS Mid-Term Outreach Part 3

Friday morning we went to our YWAM Health Clinic. The team was there to help us take blood pressures and test glucose levels. We were quite surprised to find that the office was closed because of a holiday. No matter, several of our regular patients were waiting outside the door for us. So we borrowed chairs from our church (just across the street) and did the clinic on the porch. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful.

Later that morning we met the team at the plaza. After some worship, they performed one of their dramas and then took the opportunity to talk with the people who had gathered. The guys on the team played some games with the young boys who had gathered. The ladies talked with some young ladies who were watching from the steps of the Commercial Center.

It was fun to spend the week with the team. In such a short time, we had made 6 new friends. Friday afternoon, they came to the restaurant downstairs and we all enjoyed a halo-halo treat together. Alexie and Lisa were invited to join them in practicing for the dance routine they would perform for Fun Night later that evening. So they spent some time going through their routines in our courtyard.
Alexie dancing with the team to, I Can Only Imagine.

After the team had shared some of their dances and dramas at Fun Night, the SSM students and the Tribal DTS students taught them how to dance, Igorot style. As you can see from the smiling faces, it was a good evening.
Jordan teaching Jason how to dance and play the gongs

It was a busy week, but a good one. We enjoyed making new friends with the team and it was hard to say good-bye. But we look forward to one day crossing paths with them again soon - either on a trip to Baguio or if they return to Bontoc for their final outreach.


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