Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Values Education Class 2009-2010

My fair-skinned beauty, Alayna, with her classmates

A game called "Water the Camels" following the lesson on Isaac and Rebekah

Carrying items on your head is not new to a Filipino

The boys vs. girls round involved even more enthusiasm

so much that it got a bit out of control

The students' energy succeeded in soaking the classroom floor so some tidying up was needed before dismissal.

Friendship - a precious sight

This year I am teaching Values Education to grade 5 at Bontoc Central School. When I go to the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Alayna joins me for the lessons.

When I first started going to the class, the students were very disrespectful and disruptive. They talked while I was teaching and some even walked out of the classroom. Sometimes some of the students would fight with each other. There were many distractions that made it difficult for me.

I was very discouraged but continued to pray for the class and ask God to help me teach them His Word. After six classes like this, the teacher came in and I talked with her about the students’ behavior.(She is not in the classroom while I am teaching more than a few minutes.)She scolded the class and held them late as a discipline. At her insistence, they apologized and promised to behave better. I am so thankful that since that time, the students have been very attentive and respectful.

I continue to pray for all the students. I am emphasizing that God's Word is true, God keeps His promises, and He loves them very much. It is so important that they learn God's Word. Especially with the events at the high school recently, it is vital that they know the truth and apply this to their lives.


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