Sunday, April 27, 2008

Concrete Angel

This morning got off to a rough start. Being the father of four girls and the only male in the house, I have become quite sappy and can get emotional somewhat easily. The first class of the day at EMS Expo was about child abuse - Good Morning! WHAM!

I had not understood the title of the class, Saving the Concrete Angel, until the speaker played the video below. (I don't recommend watching it unless you are ready to shed a tear, yourself.) This is somewhat outside of the scope of our blog, but I am including it today because it hit me so hard.

Having only served in EMS at the plant, it is easy for me to not think about all of the things my EMS counterparts who serve in our communities encounter. This week has been a reminder for me to keep these people in our prayers. They see some heavy stuff. They help people through their darkest hour on a daily basis. I cannot imagine trying to sleep after responding to some of the situations I have heard discussed and seen pictures of in the past few days.

Our family has a practice that when we hear a siren, we pray for the people who need help and the person who is going to help them. It is easy to not think about the responder. This week has reminded me that my prayers for their well-being need to extend beyond just protection of their bodies but their minds as well.



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