Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not in the Twilight Zone

For whatever reason, I have been waking up at about 5:30 a.m. on a regular basis. I am not one to feel like being an early bird, not being interested in worms for breakfast or any other meal for that matter. If I was a bird, I would tend to be more like an owl. Eating snacks in the quiet dark of night, free from the labors that come from a nest full of little ones saying, "Can I have some?" Anyways, a good use of that hour and a half before my nest gets noisy would be of course spending time alone with God which I do many mornings. Then there are some days like today that I just lay in bed thinking,"I'll just stay in bed a little longer..." So I am just laying there and I feel the bed start to shake,and it continues to shake for some seconds. Being the intelligent person I am, I think, "Wow, that felt just like an earthquake. (Not that I've ever experienced one but we did just study them this year in science.) But this is Michigan, so I must have dozed off and it was just a dream." NOT! The news was a buzz with stories of the 5.2 quake. No need to be concerned about the girls, they slept through it. They tend to be more like me than their early bird father and relaxed in their bed several minutes after the blare of their alarm signaled them to begin the day just like any other day.


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  1. As I read about the earthquake this morning, I had no idea it would be affecting you folks. So glad to hear you are all okay! I enjoyed looking at the girls' blog. They look absolutely wonderful! God bless you as you prepare to return to Bontoc . . .
    Our love,