Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long Days

Outage has officially arrived. For those of you not used to a job at a nuclear plant, that means working many hours of overtime while refueling. This is the first time Thomas has worked one as a contractor. Another first is working five 12 hour days then one day off schedule. In the past, he has worked six 12 hour days a week. A rotating day off means Saturday was his last time to have a weekend day off until the outage is over. He is up at 3:45 a.m. and home about 14 hours later. Too many nights of staying up so he can spend time with his girls has caught up with him and he is now sick. Contractors don't have any sick days so he went to bed under the influence of medicine so he can get up for another day.

The girls are not on Spring Break like many of the area schools. Our goal is to close the books on the Garden of Grace Girls Academy 2007/2008 school year at the end of this month. Outage is scheduled to be over then as well. Then we'll have just under a month to finish preparations for our move! Just writing that forces me to take some deep breaths so as not to be overcome with panic. So much still to do...


P.S. Outage has always been a challenging time for our family but we are thankful for the opportunity to earn some money to pay for those plane tickets. Don't think we're strong enough swimmers to make it otherwise.

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