Friday, April 25, 2008

Ballrooms and Backboards

Wednesday morning I got up early and travelled to the EMS Expo. It is being held at the Amway Grand Hotel - posh for this small town boy. I included pictures because I know my little princesses would enjoy looking at the elegance of the room. Pay no attention to the EMS personnel who are paid so little that they would never be able to afford such accommodations for their own enjoyment. Of course, most of us don't actually stay at the Grand. I am staying at a Days Inn in a nearby town. Much more reasonable.
Wednesday and Thursday I spent most of my day in a course called Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. That is a lot of fancy words for, "Get hurt people to the hospital with air going in and out and blood going round and round." It was a good class. Given my limited practical experience - fortunately not many people get hurt at nuclear plants - this was a really good class for me to review some of the basic philosophies and actions to take when someone is really hurt.

Pictured above are the paramedics that I was fortunate enough to be teamed with during the class. They were a great help and taught me a number of things as we talked and worked together. Thank you Leasa and Senez for helping your EMT!

I was also able to squeeze in a couple more classes this (Thursday) evening. I have earned 18 credits so far - wooo hooo!

Thank you to the doctors who have agreed to help to underwrite the expenses of this training for me. You have no idea what this means to my family. Hopefully, I will never need to use this training. But if I do, any good that comes from it is a result of your generosity.

Grand Rapids is a nice city - quite a compliment from someone who hates to be in the city. But just down from the hotel is this nice little park. I am not sure you can read the signs in the background, but Subway is just across the street. I have been able to enjoy a couple meals sitting under a tree enjoying the sunshine - nice.

I miss my girls and won't see them again until Sunday afternoon. Two are spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, while Lisa and her mom are taking the other two to visit Lisa's grandparents for the weekend. I am looking forward to a day next week where we can spend a day all together.




  1. A lot more intense than the CPR and First Aid re-certification I did last night. At least we did not have to take any of our folks out on a stretcher :-) Enjoy your girls, because I get them a week from today!
    I been to several weaver's conventions at the Grand - nice!
    Hope this goes through. We have not had access for a day now - Sad, but people are cutting wires for copper.

  2. hope you enjoy your day together, when it finally comes. you didn't by chance work w/ an emt named joel did you??

  3. Mrs. Emmer - Ironically enough, CPR recertification is something I will need before we leave, but will not be able to get while I am here.


  4. Kris -
    I have not worked on an EMS service outside of the response team at the plant.