Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You Said That Before

While considering what to post, I thought I would look back over some of our early posts and see what might be worth revisiting. This is a post from May 6, 2007. It is based on a question.

Today at church, two different people asked me a question I had not considered before, "Are you going to be sad to leave your job?" It caught me off guard - both times. Am I going to be sad? I have basically worked there since I graduated from high school some 19 years ago. Am I going to be sad? It has supplied me with a good income and a good deal of training. It will be a big change in my life. But sad? I hadn't thought about that.

At times I have hated my job and would have done nearly anything to get away from it. But that was never His plan; so there I stayed, praying waiting, and watching. Then there would be a conversation of faith with someone and I was reminded of the mission field all believers are in regardless of where we are.

As we have prepared for this transition, coworkers have asked me if I am looking forward to leaving my job. Over and over I have responded that my excitement is about the new direction that my Lord has placed before us. I generally enjoy my current work - even with its stresses.

Am I going to be sad? I guess I don't have an honest answer yet to that question. I suppose I will miss many of the people and the predictable income. But I am leaving with the expectation of doing what I think God has prepared me to do. I suspect that when things are going well, there will be no sadness. When things are not going so well, there will be much whining (with or without sadness).

I suppose my answer has not changed much at this point. Going back to work for the outage was good in that I was able to see some friends again before we take off. It was also good to see another way that God can provide. But my joy and excitement is not about leaving the plant and all it entails, but rather in pursuing the path He has set before us.


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