Friday, September 19, 2008

Calvinball Sideshow

Not everything related to Calvinball happens on the field of play. As we already talked about, the documents which held up our first attempt at applying for our long-term vise were mailed back to the USA by FedEx with no notification. Lisa's mom sent them to Baguio again. We were not sure which day they would arrive but we were hoping on Wednesday - nope. Thursday - nope.

Friday - well, that depends upon how insistent you are. We were able to pick up the documents this morning - but not without a little hassle. We had to do a little searching to find out where the FedEx office was. We had expected them to be at the mall, but instead they were shipped to another location. So after finding out where it was, we took a cab to the office. When we got there, the man said that the package had not yet arrived. Before leaving, I had looked at the tracking number and saw that it was awaiting pickup. We had a few frustrating minutes of him telling me that it had not yet arrived and me asking him to explain why the tracking clearly showed that it was. I was just asking him to go to their own website and explain my misunderstanding when the lady in the office found it. When I returned to the cab, Lisa said she could tell by my body language that I was being somewhat direct.

We then ran a few more errands before catching the bus to Manila at 1 pm. We arrived at the base about an hour ago, safe and sound.

Tomorrow we will travel to Valley Cathedral Children's Home (where we spent the first weeks of September last year) and visit with our friends there. We will return Sunday afternoon so we can be ready to complete our applications (depending on the way the Calvinball bounces) here in Manila on Monday.

For now, all the girls are resting upstairs in our rooms here at YWAM Balut.


p.s. I had forgotten how hot and humid Manila is - and it is hours after sunset.

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