Monday, September 29, 2008

Loving Life at Valley

Okay, it took a while. But finally, here are some pictures from our time last weekend at Valley Cathedral Children's Home. We really enjoyed seeing the friends we made there last year as well as making a few new ones. The kids love the new swing set!
Patricia in her Sunday best
Jenny still loves to climb on everything and everyone.
Novi and Adriana really enjoyed their time together.
Anna and Alayna
Lita celebrated her anniversary with us. Her husband, Pete, was accompanying Mommy Zelma in the USA.
My buddy, Jason, was almost always at my side. He still does not have much to say, but he sure can make me feel special.
Walking to the beach.

Of course, Alexie and Jenny were nearly inseparable.
This is "Baby". His real name is Allan, but everyone calls him Baby.

April and Annalise became good friends.
This is Ton-Ton. He recently came to VCCH, a tragic story of abuse. But you can see that he feels the love of the staff at VCCH.
Annalise and Hannah
Annie is the youngest girl. She and her 3 siblings, all with "A" names, are new to Valley's family.
Jenny likes to hold onto hair - it seems she liked to keep a tight hold on us.
We did not get to see to much of John Mark. He and several of the other children were quarantined due to mumps.

Miracle has graduated and is now in college.
Giggles with Jenny
Adriana and Stephanie

Lisa and Judy loving on each other

Sad goodbyes
Lisa's buddy, Emmon, is back at home with his biological parents. Lisa missed seeing him and giving him hugs but hope and pray that he is experiencing life in a loving family home as is God's plan for every child. Returning to Valley Cathedral Children's Home was bittersweet. It was a joy to be with the boys and girls and all those who lovingly care for them but it also meant we needed to endure goodbyes once again. Everyone wanted to know when we will return. It is so far away, about 15 hours, that we really don't know that we will be able to even though we would love to. Knowing that, we just tried to give out as much love and hugs we could in the two days.

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  1. What great pics! Will keep praying for your family as you continue to love on the Filipino kids both nearby and far away from your home.