Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coffee, Bad - New Friends, Good

Yesterday I accompanied Patrick to the provincial headquarters of the Philippine National Police. We were there to give the invocation and exhortation during their Monday morning flag raising ceremonies. This opportunity is given us as part of the Moral Recovery Program within the government. Since our time here last year, my heart has been to build relationships with these men and women. I hope to be an encouragement to them. I also hope that through that relationship I can introduce them to my greatest friend, Jesus.

Usually, we pray and share a few thoughts then we are dismissed as they continue with their morning agenda. But yesterday I was invited to join them for coffee.

-- Allow me to interject here. Until a month or so ago, I had never tasted coffee. The smell of it is not appealing to me so I never tried it. In order to taste it, it has to be too close to one's nose. So I never said that I did not like it, just that I was not yet old enough to drink it. But in order to accept hospitality, I have now tasted it - yuuuuck-o! How do you people drink the stuff? And to think that some of you pay $7 for a cup of it. Sure, it might be special blend yadda, yadda, yadda, but it has the same basic ingredient.

Anyway, I joined several of them for a little bit of coffee with equal parts sugar and creamer - each sip chased with a good sized bite of the pancakes that were also served. We talked about many things: family, YWAM, foods, crops grown in Michigan, etc. But I was also given the opportunity to share with them that my faith is not about religious traditions and rules, but about Jesus and a God who desires relationship with us. One officer in particular had many questions about faith. I pray that God is able to use the discussion we had to draw each of them closer to Himself. I look forward to getting to know these men and continuing to show them Jesus.

Thank you so much to those who are standing with us so that we can be here and allow God to use us in this way.



  1. Wow Tom, I can't believe you had your first coffee! :-) I'm proud of you. When I read the header I could hear you say, "I'm not old enough."
    I enjoy reading your posts each day. Please give your family love from Anna and I. You're in our prayers!
    In Him,
    Liz and Anna

  2. LOL, nice blog. As for coffee, it may be a bit like cheese cake and yogurt so that it may took a few tries and blends to acquire the taste! I love it! God's blessings overtake you all today!