Friday, September 12, 2008


Thursday we went to the municipal plaza. While ladies from the various governmental offices in Bontoc fought for bragging rights on the volleyball court, we helped the Municipal Health Officer by providing people with information about diabetes. At the same time, nursing students from the local college took blood pressures, tested for blood types, and collected blood from donors.
Okay, I'll admit that Lisa did most of the work today. She talked with a number of people about diabetes symptoms, prevention, and care. I mostly watched the volleyball games. I did talk with a few people, but most directed their questions to her. (I can freely admit that I would rather look at her than me.)
We will continue this mercy ministry of YWAM Mountain Province with weekly glucose testing. This ministry came up a while ago as we talked with a pastor friend here in town. He has been diagnosed with diabetes and has to go to the hospital to have his sugar tested. This costs about 150 pesos. Not much by American standards (about $3.40). But when you put it in perspective in this economy, that is about the same as 6 kilos of rice. So those who know they have diabetes do not test their sugar with any consistency. Lisa talked with one lady whose son had died from diabetes at age 37, leaving 4 children behind.
Through the blessing of Lisa's mom, we were sent some testing equipment and test strips. Beginning in October, we will offer free glucose testing to the community every Friday. We will continue until we are out of supplies. It is far from a comprehensive program, but it is a place to start. Please pray with us that as we help people manage their health in this way, we will also be able to share God's love for them.



  1. Practical ministry . . .
    Way to go, guys!

  2. How great is that?! What kind of strips and monitor are you using? We just switched and have lots of extra strips if it's the same as what you're using I'll send them.

  3. Holly,
    Thanks for the offer. As long as we have supplies, we can continue serving the people here.

    We have Contour test strips.