Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jesus Christian Ministries

Today our friend, Pastor Rely, came to the YWAM base we are staying at in Manila to escort us to his church where Thomas was to speak. It was good that he was there to guide us or we might still be wandering around lost. We walked a bit then took two different jeepneys, a bus and then another jeepney before arriving at the church about an hour away. Alayna and Annalise were excited to hear they have Children's Church but "It was in another language," said Annalise. Alayna quickly made a friend that was kind enough to translate for her and then Alayna told Annalise. No one translated for us but worship and of course the message was in English since it was given by Thomas. We had heard Filipinos really like their music loud and today proved that. There was a wonderful spirit of worship and they played it loud.

We met Pastor Rely when we first came to Manila back in May. He was the driver for YWAM Balut at that time (while also pastoring his church at home, an hour away). He was so patient and helpful as we travelled from government office to government office playing bureacratic Calvinball. When we saw that it was time to give up for a while, he drove us to two different bus terminals to get us on our way to Bontoc. At that time he had invited us to visit the next time we made it to Manila. Well, here we are, so there we went.
We do not know who this guy is, but when Pastor Rely took us out for lunch, we thought he had great taste in shirts.

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  1. I think it should be Illinois #23 for Michael Jordan...