Saturday, September 6, 2008

Food, Fun, and Missing Flip-Flops

Friday night fun night held true to its title once again. But beginning last night, it has a new twist; all of YWAM eats dinner together before the games begin. We look forward to the increased sense of community that will result.

We all enjoyed our potluck meal before diving into the activities for the evening. Last night, Noel was in charge of the games. We had a rousing round of Duster Hockey. No blood was shed, not a tooth was lost - so hockey may not be an appropriate title - but it was fun nonetheless.

The disappointment for the evening was when we were leaving. Our sandals were gone. Someone had seen some young boys running around earlier in the evening. They are prime suspects given that they had black underwear over their heads with eye-holes cut out. Most of the shoes were found hidden in a bucket nearby. Only a few of us ended up without finding ours. The legend of the BVD Banditos begins.


  1. Where is this taking place? I'm trying to remember the setting . . .

  2. This is at the Archog Annex, 2nd floor. It should look familiar to you as you ate so many meals there. The base and the SSM housing is now located there.