Sunday, October 5, 2008

Glucose Testing

Friday morning, Lisa and I sat in the Municipal Health Office offering glucose testing to the people of Bontoc. This idea came about as we talked with a local pastor and found that he is diabetic. He struggles with his health as a result. One problem he faces, like so many others here, is that testing his blood sugar is expensive and inconvenient. Few have their own test equipment and having it tested at the hospital is expensive. Because of the generosity of Lisa's mother, we are able to offer the testing without cost every Friday morning as long as we have supplies. We were scheduled to offer the testing from 8-9 am. Of the 20 or so we tested, only 3 were there before 9. (So much for scheduling in the Philippines!)

Of those we tested, 3 were high; 2 extremely high. One lady, whose son died of diabetes at 37 leaving 4 children, had fasted overnight but still her level was over 250. We advised her to see a doctor but she has no money for medicine. One man who came tested at 352! Sadly, he recently went to a "health" seminar and is convinced a special liquid of antioxidants is the answer to all his ailments. Talking more to him, it soon became apparent that it was a money-making scheme as they convinced him to be a distributor and host a seminar. It makes us angry that these people prey on the vulnerable people here. They are so poor that they can't buy medicine but are convinced this is the miracle and not only the ticket to health but financial success as well. We tried counseling him that his diabetes is serious and he needs medical treatment but he is convinced that this product will bring him health. In the end, we prayed with him that God will guide him.

While it is great to be able to offer humanitarian aid, we hope that through this ministry, God will open doors to share His great salvation.


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