Monday, October 20, 2008


is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.
Philippians 4:8

With Thomas away it can be easy to think about what I am missing but with this verse in mind, I've given some thought to my day and this is what I choose to think about:

we had running water for most of the day

we have two new tubs of water ready if we do not have running water

there is plenty of drinking water in the apartment

most of what I had planned for the school day was completed

Thomas was able to share God's Word with the Philippine National Police and the Jehovah Witness's that came to our door

I turned leftover oatmeal from breakfast into a delicious cake that we got to enjoy before he left.

Some of the girls quickly worked to fill Daddy's suitcase with love notes for him to find when he was away. Something they have learned from me.

We had a gigantic salad for lunch. The first salad in a long time as lettuce is a very rare sight at our market.

Our kind mailman gave me a ride home on his motorcycle concerned it was "too hot to walk."

Alexie and Annalise worked together and prepared tonight's supper. They worked so well together. Alexie was patient and Annalise was eager to do anything to help her big sister. The only thing I did was cut up some onion as the job was causing Alexie to shed so many tears.

a note of encouragement from my mother

an exchange of love texts with my Dear Hubby

a quiet house with all my girls tucked in bed

The truth is I think I could keep going with this list. It is amazing what you can find to think about in just a regular day on the calendar, if you're looking with this focus.

I highly recommend it.


  1. Your insights are inspiring...praying for your family as some of the newness wears off and the reality of missing family and friends becomes more palatable. You obedience to God and your growing faith in him is inspirational.


  2. Adding you on my bloglist. Your family is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your lives and the Gospel to my countrymen.

    Grace be,

  3. Thanks Maria for adding us to your bloglist. We have been blessed over and over being here in the Philippines. We believe God has directed our path to minister here. We are learning more and more about Him on this journey of faith.

  4. hi lisa!! we miss you guys this year! i don't know if it will be like this all year or if this was like the kick off. but yes that's what we did, everyone picked from a list and did different countries. then we sat all of our stuff o/o tables. we brought food and a craft from our country. the kids came around in little groups to each table and did the crafts. it was a lot of fun:)

    did you hear that heather is expecting #9? i am excited for them, plus i get to support her:)