Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got Milk?

We have been able to get Oreos a few times but it just isn't the same without the cold glass of milk companion. At home, I would make a run to Wal-mart or Meijer and usually buy four gallons at a time. No such stores here. Never seen a gallon of milk in the refrigerated section (okay there really aren't refrigerated sections here in Bontoc). We have purchased powdered milk that we add to oatmeal or a recipe but we haven't got to the point of mixing up a glass to go with Oreos or anything else for that matter. Sometimes you just miss a taste of home. As Oreos were missing on the store shelf, we went for cereal and milk. Not the row of cereals to chose from either. Looking at the bright side, it doesn't take quite as long to pick when there are only 4 kinds. We grabbed a box of corn flakes and a box of milk. No special dairy sections to give you goose bumps, just on the shelf next to the candy.
Keep reading to see what, "UHT Processed Long Life" means.
It was really a box, but was it really milk?

In fairness, it did not taste bad, at least that is what the rest of the family said. Thomas tells me I should stop reading the labels here but some habits are hard to break and it was too late for me. Even chilled in our little fridge didn't cause me to forget what it really was. Thanks, Mom, for the calcium supplements!



  1. Can you get rice milk? I was wondering with all the rice there if rice milk was an option. This is what I use all the time and it isn't too bad.

  2. Holly, not sure about rice milk. All milk products seem to be imported. Maybe when we travel to Baguio or Manila we can check into it. We did hear there is a dairy in Baguio.

  3. We feel your pain! I agree with Thomas though - you really got to quit reading labels here, will just drive you crazy. :)

  4. I grew up on box milk, and find it just takes a little while to get used to flavor. On powdered milk, I have drunk more than my fair share of that stuff as well... In the world of powdered milk, it is worth trying the different brands as the brands taste really different. (As in I am not a fan of Nido, but like many of the ones out of Holland.)

    Also, I now just have three categories of milk: fresh, boxed, and powdered--and am fine drinking any of the above, though my preference is extremely fresh milk from New Zealand if given an option.