Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am thankful for...

Probably not what you were expecting! Seriously, last week Thomas was able to fix our toilet so it now flushes. Earlier this week when I was able to push a button rather than dump in a bucket of water to flush, I was very thankful. Maybe you don't believe it, but I really did pause and say a prayer. A Western-style flushing toilet is something I used to take for granted, a convenience that I didn't think much about (with the exception of the many years I have spent potty-training my four precious daughters where it is important that you know the location of every available toilet.) While traveling in the Philippines, the common variety is a squattie-pottie. Back home we didn't pack our own toilet paper when we were going to be out and about. I never paid to use the bathroom and there was soap and running water at the sinks. Sometimes the sinks even had sensors so I didn't even have to turn the water on. Not so much here.

Running water...I am excited when I turn on the faucet and water appears. Another thing I never thought about, it was just something I expected to be there every time I wanted it.
A nice hot shower...soon after we moved we were able to install heaters on our shower heads. But even with those, running water, and electricity, you are not assured of a hot or even warm shower. Most nights I spend several minutes trying to adjust the water flow so that it is able to heat. Sometimes nothing I do seems to be quite right so whenever I feel hot water showering down I say a little prayer of thanksgiving.
Electricity...sure there were a few times back home when we would lose power but usually only if we had experienced a severe storm and even then the power was most times quickly restored. Today we had another scheduled brown-out from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This time we were told on Monday to expect it. There have been other times we were totally unaware. After a few such experiences, we learned that if you hear a Filipino language coming from a loud speaker, it is best to ask for a interpretation. We also have a supply of candles at the ready. The good news is our stove top is fueled with gas so we are still able to prepare meals whenever a brown-out occurs.

Before I was thankful for many blessings and took the time to say "Thank you" to my Heavenly Father for them. Now my words of thanks come more often for a much longer list.


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  1. Today I had no water for about 5 minutes (I know, nothing compared to you guys). I immediately thought of you. What a change of life and change of pace for each of you. God certainly does provide and prepare.