Monday, October 13, 2008

Trike Proverbs

Here in Bontoc motorcycle trikes are the main form of public transportation. As you can see, they line the main street and it is easy to catch a ride to anywhere in town. We don't often use them preferring to take advantage of the nice weather and exercise.

Just because they are small, do not underestimate their usefulness. We have fit our entire family in one. We have seen large hogs loaded on them. I have seen boxes strapped from just above the ground in the back and going all the way over the top, ending just above the windshield.

You don't see trikes much in Baguio because of the steep grade of so many of the roads there. Around Manila, many of the trikes are bicycles instead of motorcycles. But here in Bontoc, the 125cc motorcycle reigns.

Most show the wear and tear they have seen over the years, but some are kept in very good condition. One thing that we have noticed however, is that regardless of the condition, most of the trikes share a bit of wisdom. Usually it is a bumper sticker on the back, but it may be painted on the frame or letters sewn onto the vinyl roof. Here is a sampling of some of the wisdom offered by the Trike Operators Association.

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  1. There is some wisdom in some of those stickers. The trikes remind me of India as they use similar modes of transportation.

    Praying for you all each day.