Sunday, October 12, 2008

Discipleship in Relationship

Friday morning we returned to the Municipal Health Office to provide glucose testing. This time Alexie joined Lisa and me. She is interested in nursing and has always enjoyed caring for people. She helped as a scribe as we tested people's blood sugar. This week we took a blood pressure cuff and stethescope and I took blood pressure readings on a number of people as well. (Alexie is learning how to do this as well.) None of the sugar levels were as high this week, but we had several with very high blood pressure. Just like with the diabetes, some have been prescribed medicine but cannot afford it.

Despite the fact that we had more people this week (about 30), we were disappointed that the people who had high glucose readings last week did not show up. It is our desire to use this ministry to help people physically while building relationships to walk with them spritually as well.

Friday night at our YWAM family potluck and SSM Fun Night, we played a number of games. At different tables there was a game of Jenga, UNO, Skip-Bo, and Toss-Up. At 10-15 minute intervals, the winning and losing person from each table would rotate to different tables and pick-up where another winner/loser left off. The Toss-Up and Jenga tables seemed to be the loudest and most enjoyed.

Today, Lisa had several games in store for Kids Club. We revisited Duster Hockey (see September 6 post) as an ice breaker. Then she had a 10 Commandments word relay. She had even come up with a version Wheel of Fortune (complete with wheel) to review the 10 Commandments.

After Kids Club, we went to the base to visit with the SSM students. We played a game of UNO with several of the students. In case you wonder, when you play the UNO Splash version of the game with so many people it can take a long time for someone to run out of cards. There were also a few hands of Wig-Out!

One of our daughters talked about how playing games is not ministry. We talked with her that every interaction with others is ministry, if we allow it to be. Our experience is that evangelism and discipleship are often most effective within the context of relationship. We are connecting with people because God loves them, just like He loves us. Naturally, as we spend time together, we will share the relationship that is most important to us - our relationship with the Maker of the universe. Whether our friendship starts because we pray with someone as we help them care for their body or laugh with them as we play a game, we become closer to them. As God provides opportunities within those friendships we pray that we will be faithful witnesses of His great salvation.

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