Saturday, January 3, 2009

12/22 Camsur Watersports Complex

A whole bunch of missionary kids

Monday morning we said good-bye to our hosts and tour guides, the Hagen family. (By the way, we have added a link to their blog under Connecting Links.) They were planning on staying another day at the resort. We needed to head back to Naga so we could catch our flight back to Manila early Tuesday morning.

The boat ride back was not as picturesque as the one to the resort. This time we did not have our own chartered ride, but took the scheduled boat back. We did not have to pay for Alayna and Annalise since they had to sit on our laps. It seemed quite overcrowded, but I am an American still thinking that capacity limits mean something. When one of the Filipino women started shouting at the crew about overloading as they kept taking on more passengers then I knew it wasn’t just my own opinion. It was a long and rolling ride back. The return trip took 2 ½ hours. (I suppose the same style of boat can’t move as fast when overloaded as when way under full capacity.)

We spent the night at Camsur Watersports Complex. We are not wake boarders and did not have our own equipment, but enjoyed watching people. They have a lake with a cable overhead that has several tow ropes attached to it. Holding on to the tow ropes; wake boarders are pulled around the lake and have the option of hitting a variety of ramps along the way. Some were really good doing back flips, twists, and other moves high in the air. Anyone who enjoys waterskiing would have a blast there. Evidently people from all over the world come to this place to train and compete.

While waiting for our meals at the restaurant, Annalise and Alayna asked if they could go run in the grass. While they did that, the rest of us watched the wake boarders do their stuff.

How good it is to have grass under your feet!

Tuesday morning we made our way back to the Naga airport. (Yes, the multi-tool and diabolical girls liquids like shampoo and conditioner were all checked appropriately.) Then we flew to Manila.


  1. I was wondering what happened to the multi-tool, but forgot to ask last time. I have never flown so all that is foreign to me ~ for a little longer.

    Nothing like grass under your feet!

    Holly Wallace

  2. On our way, they made me check the bag that had the multi-tool in it. So I went back to the check-in counter while the girls made their way to the terminal. It wasn't a big deal and I knew better. Their security set-up is not nearly as tight as in the US. I probably could have grabbed my bag and gone on without any further problem. But I was not interested in finding out what may happen if my theory was wrong.