Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gimpo and SSM, January 14

The team spent the last night of their stay in Bontoc. They slept at the base with the SSM students.
After a yummy dinner of chicken adobo, both groups gave cultural presentations. The SSM students and native YWAM staff played the gongs and performed some of the traditional dances. It was fun to see many of the Koreans jump in and give it a try. Afterwards, the Gimpo team shared their dances and dramas. After they completed the fan dance, the students called for an encore.

Betty cooking chicken adobo for dinner

Mindel and Donna washing vegetables

Cassey and the team having fun while waiting for dinner

The fan dance was a favorite

Although I was the one who spent the week with the team, we all had new friends before the night was over.




  1. God bless you and i love you...♥
    Hi tom!!! i'm minyoung.. Do you remember me?
    I hope that your okey..
    l'm happy to met you. i wish we meet again.
    of course your family too.
    i saw pictures in blogs.
    it's very fun, happy and miss.
    i will send you pictures in our camera, soon.
    so, take care of you...★★

  2. Young!

    Of course I remember you! I had such a great time with you guys. I also enjoyed watching my girls become friends with you guys.

    Glad you enjoyed the blog.