Sunday, January 11, 2009 pie!

This week in history we learned about Archimedes. It is nice to have some activities to go with our studies. They help the girls remember and it makes memories. So what activity should we do to go along with Archimedes? For those that did not know or maybe have forgotten, Archimedes is remembered for discovering the idea of displacement while taking a bath. He was so excited that, before getting dressed, he ran to the king shouting "Eureka! Eureka!" That activity would take little prep for me and would combine bathing with school...multitasking gotta love it. But on the other hand...we do not have a bathtub, secondly, it is very cold (see previous post) and lastly Annalise wants everyone to know "You aren't supposed to." So instead of running around the neighborhood naked shouting "Eureka!" we made apple pie. I know that is what you were thinking too. For those a bit puzzled, Archimedes also developed the principle of "pi." After Adriana and Alexie, did some experimenting to prove Archimedes' idea that the circumference of a circle is just a little more than three times the diameter, it was time for another lesson. After all, the pie we eat is much more fun and tastes better than what is used to help determine the dimensions of circles. Although the girls experience making their first made from scratch pie made them question the saying "as easy as pie" the end result was delicious!


Notice the fancy glass bottle rolling pin

Perfect...even from our little toaster oven that requires careful adjustment of the settings

This photo is sort of like our topsy-turvy meal, as we had dessert first!

The most delicious school assignment ever


  1. What a beautiful pie and it looks delicious! You girls did a super job!

    Great post!
    Holly Wallace

  2. Great work girls! It sure looks delicious (i mean your pie)... yum :-)


  3. Would you two stop growing! You have to be taller than me now and Annalise you are absolutely right! No running around without clothes! By the way the A+ for the pie!

  4. What fun maybe we will have to try that this week. We had a friend request one of my apple pies and I said "get me the apples and I will". So we have apples maybe we can learn a little bit about pi. LOL! Actually my first thoughts when reading the post and seeing the pictures is wow how your two girls have grown. They are definately growing to become more beautitul young women (both inside and out) every day.
    Michelle P

  5. Your picture reminds me that although we are spoiled with citrus here in FL, I haven't forgotten the great Granny Smith's we used to pick growing up in Ohio....can you make applesauce into a lesson plan? I'm guessing there's no lack of cinnamon in your neck of the world! mmmmmmm