Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
Okay, really it was Little Miss Annalise sitting on a couch
Eating her curds and whey,
She wasn't eating yet but rather waiting for Ilocano lesson to end so she could eat some pizza
Along came a spider,
A great, big spider
Who sat down beside her
It did not really sit down beside her but you would think so by her screams
And frightened Miss Muffet away
She was actually too scared to move or say anything - all she could do was scream

The brown strip to the left of the door is 1.25" wide.

Fortunately, when Thomas opened the door for our visitor, she kindly walked out. But she did spend several hours at his sandals. We were hoping she was not considering wearing them home herself.


  1. That is one huge, big-eyed spider! I don't blame her for screaming! How kind of you to let her walk away. Did you by chance read the Hagen's offended rats post? LOL!!! Seriously I know there are a ton of bugs there and there must be some really big ones to need a spider that big!


  2. I would have screamed too. Do you know what kind of spider it was? I haven's seen one like that before. Ewwww! Just the picture makes me cringe.

  3. OK, that is one big spider! I'm with Holly - how big are the bugs there? Annalise, just so you know, I have a big 6'1", 270lb, 35 year old son who would have probably fainted if he had seen that spider! I think your Dad was too kind, I would have smashed it! Do they bite?
    Love to all,
    Mrs. Emmer

  4. We do not in any way want to discourage anyone from visiting us in the Philippines! The insects we usually see are tiny ants and occasionally a cockroach, and mosquitoes. There have been a few tiny spiders. This is the first of this kind of spider(and size)we have seen. We have no idea what kind of spider it was nor did we investigate its disposition. I will say we all are keeping a bit more aware should she come back and bring any of her friends!

  5. Tom, you will be happy to know that I googled gardenofgrace blog and you are the first pick on the list. You and God are on the internet. when I saw the spider all I could think about was Sporty telling us about the brown reclues he saw in Michigan. Deb would be moving out if she had to live with bugs like that. It is inspiring to see what God has you doing in the phillipines. Keep up the good work. Milt

  6. Milt,

    I thought about Sporty's experience also. Fortunately, this is the only big spider we have seen.

    But to highlight the language challenge here. Today a student came over and we showed her the picture. We asked her if she knew what kind of spider it was or if it was poisonous. She said, "No." Then she said, "we call that one, 'venomous'." There is nothing like clear communications. ;o)


  7. Where is Uncle Larry when you need him? :)

  8. At the Russell's house, we try to capture them and return them to nature. I would have been very tempted to smoosh it, but how gross. I think Bobby would even balk at that one. Well fed, it is. I think of you all often. What an experience.