Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chatting with Annalise

The other day as Annalise and I walked on the bridge, she looked down at the river and said, "I wish they didn't throw trash into the water." I nodded in agreement and she continued to say, "I wish men didn't pee in the water. I wish they didn't pee on the street. I wish they only peed in bathrooms. I wish it was like Michigan, but with trikes and jeepneys."

"What about the people?"

"Oh yes, but some white people too. Some white people who were born here."

After coming home from having dinner with the Korean outreach team...
"I like making new friends. The only trouble is we meet them and then we have to say goodbye."

This week, as the two of us were walking to the market...
"I don't like walking down the street because everyone stares at me."

Later on, when she was with Thomas and I, we went to a restaurant for some fried chicken to take home to have with our rice and green beans but the price was too high.
"I wish they would just say, 'If I can touch your daughter's hair 6 times, you can have the chicken for free.'"

Just some glimpses of our life from our 6-year-old,

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  1. Kids do say the funniest stuff! Good post!

    That would have been tough to have to walk away without the chicken.