Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas in January

When we returned from Baguio, a box was waiting for us! Thomas's family shipped (and I do mean shipped as it came by boat) it a few months ago. In addition to the gifts and goodies inside this box, this month we have been blessed with Christmas cards and letters from family and friends.

It is such a blessing to receive letters and packages. They remind us that we are not here on our own; that people at home are thinking of us and praying for us.

Thanks so much or as our Filipino friends say "Salamat!"


  1. Wow! That is a lot of love!

    Alexie looks so much like a friend of ours that is 13 years old. Just something neat I thought. I even asked my children who does she look like and without any prompting they all said,"Kaitlyn." :~)

    Merry Christmas in January!

  2. Looks like fun. So glad you guys we able to enjoy this surprise.

    Continuing to pray.