Monday, June 9, 2008

Good to be Home


We really enjoyed visiting with Kevin, Becky, Josh, Xander, Jesse, Ben, Matthew, and Abby in Baguio. They attended CDTS with us and their family stayed in Baguio when we all returned to Salem in November. Beyond just enjoying conversation and catching up with them, it was good to hear their insights about how to better live and serve in the Philippines. You can see more of their adventures by visiting their blog at

Yesterday we made our final move; from Baguio to Bontoc. Before we encountered any bumps on the road, we had a few at Kevin and Becky’s house. First, Lisa couldn’t find the cell phone we had just bought. We believe the taxi driver from the night before may have gotten an unusually large tip. Then, after we were all loaded up, the jeepney wouldn’t start. We had a short postponement while the battery was exchanged. Then we were on our way. It was a long journey, about 6 hours. The road is much better than it was when we made the trip last year. Much more of it is paved. The last 2 hours however, remain unpaved, dusty, and bumpy. Everyone traveled well, though. I don’t know if the Dramamine was needed, but I am sure it did not hurt either.

Nolan and Kevin helped load the jeepney Friday night. Between what we had brought from home and what we purchased in Baguio to establish our home, it was really loaded. Nolan even loaned us a refrigerator that we loaded up. Fortunately, there was still enough room for all of us and a few other friends who were also traveling to Bontoc. It seemed like a lot of stuff. But I suppose when you move a large family from the USA and you can fit all of your stuff into a jeepney and 9 people besides, you are doing pretty well.

When we arrived we were greeted by the YWAM staff and several of the students from the Student Sponsorship Ministry. Once again, we were glad to be with friends. They helped us unload our things. In the evening, they hosted a welcoming dinner in our honor.

I was really blessed when we were unloading the jeepney and Alayna asked, “Isn’t it good to be home?” I suppose that is the feeling we all share. When we traveled during our CDTS in the fall, that was what we did: travel. We visited a lot of places in the two months we were here. Even when we were in places longer, there was always the expectation we would be moving on soon. It is good to be here. It is good to know we will be here for a while. Our house is quite comfortable and we know we will be able to settle in. Additionally, I am glad to know we are where God has called us.


p.s. I have some pictures, but I am having problems uploading them.

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  1. Well indeed . . . welcome home! We can picture you there, but look forward to photos!
    Much love to you and the people of Bontoc,
    Shirley & Nat