Friday, June 6, 2008

Hanging Out

We have been really enjoying our time in Baguio. It has been great visiting with our friends from CDTS and the family we met here during our outreach in September. Yesterday we left the kids here to play while we went to purchase some things we will need to set up our home in Bontoc.

While it will be sad to tell Kevin, Becky, and the kids goodbye (they will be returning to Canada next month), we are eager to begin settling in to our home in Bontoc. I am hoping that we can leave early enough tomorrow to break our recent trend of arriving everywhere well after midnight. It would be nice to have a few hours of daylight to unpack our things and look around.

Today, we will spend a bit more time shopping and, hopefully, a lot of time just hanging out with our friends here.


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  1. ah, sorry about the visa thing. will pray the process goes smoother next time around. thanx for your prayers for my sicklies:)