Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Today, my lovely wife celebrates another year.
I love you, Lisa!
(The picture was taken on our balcony.)


  1. Happy Birthday Lisa!
    For some reason I thought your birthday was the 29th, so you will get my card a day late. I should have sent one of those funny sorry I'm late cards! Hope your day is a great one!

  2. Lisa,

    just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday from aunt betty and uncle larry; seems like I remember the day you were born because your mom was unlable to come to larry's graduation from USNA and I remember how happy we all were when you popped out (and I remember that although Larry and I weren't married yet, I was sad that your mom had "stolen" the name I had hoped to name my daughter some day "Lisa" ) ha! (but I think Jennifer has a perfect name now) What a beautiful picture Thomas took of you (which is also a wonderful gift to her mom and dad on this special day); We follow your blog are are proud of your work over there. Your sacrifices for your beliefs are "the real deal" and all of us can aspire to be as giving of ourselves to a greater cause in life.

    take care of yourselves and your family
    aunt betty & uncle larry

  3. Well, Happy (belated) Birthday wishes, Lisa! You appear to be radiant in your Philippine surroundings! We were glad to catch up on all of your recent posts. And we're grateful that you were not affected by the typhoon.

    Nat & I are currently at the Colorado Springs YWAM base for a few days, soon to see the Traptows at YWAM Salem for the 4th of July. Word has it that Liz, Anna, Norma & Emerald will be there, too. We'll be thinking of you . . .

    S & N

  4. Wanted to wish you a happy birthday although it is a bit late. Hope it was a good one!

  5. Happy Birthday Lisa,
    You look ravishing! I envy you guys living in Bontoc. I liked that city, and it's proximity to Caneo.

    It's great to see the Traptows et al this weekend. Natalie also came, but not Leon. So, we had quite a reunion... minus your family! Wish you could have swung by on your way there.

    Give your ladies a hug for me!

  6. Fred, we would have loved to have been there for the reunion.

    Interestingly enough, when we flew from Detroit to Manila, we flew over Alaska and Russia, not Oregon or California.


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