Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New - 2 Eat & 2 Do

We have added a couple of new things to our repertoire; one in the menu and one in recreation.

First, food. (One of my favorite subjects.) Today we experimented with a new food. Flor, our landlady, helped us make banana lumpia. (You can go back into the archives to see a video of how to roll lumpia.) You slice a cooking banana (we don't know their name, just where to get them. So when you come we will show you where.) in half lengthwise. Then put half of the banana and some brown sugar on a lumpia wrap. Roll it up tightly and fry it. Delicious - too bad you weren't here to share with us.
One of the things that made it into our luggage during the packing frenzy was games. This has been a HUGE blessing. Rainy afternoons go much better when there is something to do. It is also good for family connection and making new friends. One of the games we brought was chess. Until now, I was the only one who knew how to play. Now Adriana, Alexie, and Alayna all love it. Whenever there is lag time out come the royal players and an intense game ensues. Annalise likes to play with the pieces that have been captured. (Does that make her the jailer?) Lisa has not been desperate enough to try yet. Perhaps the girls will overcome my lack of skill and still become proficient players.



  1. What is the carb count on the lumpia? Looks good, but I think I will have to pass! Stay dry!

  2. I promised not to just lurk... Those lumpias look fabulous. My mouth is still watering...