Sunday, June 1, 2008

17 years

Today we are blessed to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Last year we celebrated it with Thomas's last day of work at the nuclear plant. This year we are halfway around the world in the Philippines. I am so thankful for the man I get to share this life with. No matter what or where, we're walking the path together...


  1. Happy Anniversary Lisa & Thomas....we also are so happy that you, Lisa, are sharing this life with Thomas. We will be forever grateful that he is our son-in-law and feel confident he is taking good care "of our girls".
    Love, Mom & Dad B

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two love birds! This is one year you're not likely to forget!
    Best wishes,
    Shirley & Nat

  3. I am sure this will be one that we remember, just like: #2 on a caribbean cruise, #9 spent at the hospital while I had knee surgery, and #16 which was overshadowed by my last day at work.

    Regardless of the events by which the day is remembered, it will always be the day which marks the celebration of our commitment to walk this road together.