Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the Dust of the Rabbi

Last night I led the SSM discipleship time. I told them it would all need to be in English. Having only two Ilocano language lessons, even with studying, it would have made for a very brief study. They all know English but some are shy to speak it, preferring their local dialect.

The topic was "In the Dust of the Rabbi...When the Rabbi Says Come." The lesson centered on what it means to be a disciple. The way you become like the rabbi is by living with him. If we are going to be like Jesus, we have to spend time with Him. We need to study His Word and talk and, more importantly, listen to Him. Hopefully they were challenged, as I was, to spend more time getting to know the Rabbi.

I really enjoy spending time with the students. They are starting to drop by our home to visit. The girls are always excited to be with them, also. The students don't feel as shy around them. Yet another way the girls open doors. Hugs are generously shared with all who enter.


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  1. How true that we often get busy and aren't "living with Jesus". I have recently been convicted of neglecting that part of my relationship.

    It is so neat to watch and see how your girls, especially, break down those walls...