Monday, June 23, 2008

SSM Fun Night

Friday night we joined the rest of the YWAM staff, the students of the Student Sponsorship Ministry, and youth from the community for Fun Night. The students did a number of presentations – some sincere, some silly, some scriptural, and some a combination of the three. Although we have a long way to go on our Ilokano lessons, we were able to understand the comical presentation of the parable of the sower.

We also facilitated a couple of team building games. Everyone had a good time.

I really wish I would have had the camcorder going to show some of the antics, but since I didn’t and the time machine is broken, you will just have to make do with the picture.

Most events here involve food, we are often told, “Eat, eat.” Fun Night was no exception and sticky rice was served. Annalise excitedly exclaimed, “It tastes like oatmeal.” Everyone seems to have a different recipe for this popular dessert as we have sampled many different varieties.


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