Monday, June 9, 2008

To Market, to Market


We did not buy a fat pig, but we did spend some time at the market today. With our friends Esther and Rengie, we went to the market to buy some food and some pots and pans. Bontoc doesn’t have a Wal-Mart or even a grocery store. But you can get pretty much anything you need (as long as it really is a need). I enjoy going if for no other reason than the experience.

Of course, I can’t even go many places at home with all of my beautiful daughters without comments. But when our family walks around a small, Philippine town like Bontoc, it draws attention. Many of the comments are in Ilokano, so I can only guess what they are. But the kids are fun. I made friends with a couple of little boys in the market. I couldn’t help but to think of our friend, Chuck, who always has kids hanging from him at church.

We are all settling in to our new home. Much to my dismay, yet to the delight of my long-term health, the bakery is specific to cakes and such. Therefore my dreams of walking down a flight of stairs every morning to hot cinnamon rolls, fresh baked bread, and chocolate chip cookies with the chips still melted will remain dreams. They also run a diner in the bakery, so that is convenient (but not as good as cookies).

Our landlords are great. The kids have already adopted them into the family. Florma has returned the favor. Today the girls spent time downstairs with her. When Lisa went to check on them, she found them all eating as Florma brought them more and more. We were also invited to have lunch with the family as we celebrated their daughter’s birthday. Of course, the cake looked and tasted fabulous.

We are learning how to manage the water system in our apartment. The first day here was somewhat frustrating as we would have running water and later there would be none. We would talk to the landlord and water would come back on for a while and then disappear again. It is not that it is difficult, we just didn’t understand at first. As Americans we sometimes assume things about plumbing systems that aren’t always true – even when they might appear the same. Additionally, because they have made some changes to the plumbing and the apartment has been vacant for a year, water pressure has identified some leaks. Frank and Florma have been very helpful in fixing any problems. I suppose it is all just part of settling in.

We really are very happy with our new home and our landlords. Thank you to all who prayed for our housing. Your prayers have been answered.



  1. So glad you are home and getting settled in. Hope things are a bit smoother each day. I'm sure it feels good to be getting things set up and ready to move forward with this next chapter.

  2. Happy to see you all are settling in. I think you are right about the bakery part! Your health will be the winner. Love to everyone. Loving Dancing with Daddy. Why does it not surprise me that Adrina is in her element!

  3. any luck in the visa department?...other than shopping that is!!

  4. WEe haven't done anything more with visas at this point.