Friday, January 11, 2008

All Smiles!

Today Adriana got an early birthday present...

She completed her new look with a stylin' new do!


  1. Yeah! What an exciting day! But, it is hard to believe the little girl that shared a bunk with me on our first mission trip, is now a young lady! You look Gorgeous!

  2. OK Adrianna,
    No more excuses! Show 0ff your pearly whites! Great smile! I like your hair cut too!
    I miss your hugs!
    I miss you.
    Thank you for your Philippine story. I was waiting and waiting for it!
    Salem has had lots of rain. The creek is rising, and the play ground has flooded a few times this winter.
    I have been digging in the mud as some of the sewer lines are plugged up. Yuk. I think we got it fixed today. Yeah!
    Blessings to you all!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I miss you, Adriana!!! You are my braces hero (I hope to get mine off soon, too) . . . Keep smiling!
    I love you,
    Miss Shirley