Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bontoc by Adriana, age 12

This is an exerpt of Adriana's description of the Philippines. Bontoc is the place we will be moving to.

The capital of Mountain Province, Bontoc, is a small city. You could walk to the market, the playground, or the museum. As you're walking, you might see some rice terraces and some caribou. A river flows through the middle of Bontoc. You might take a trike if you don't want to walk. Because it is higher than Baguio, Bontoc is a little cooler than Baguio. I once saw a pig tied to a trike in Bontoc. Its squeals gave me a headache.

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  1. Adriana,
    I enjoyed your description of Bontoc. Having this picture in my mind helps me imagine you there as I pray for your return and needs.