Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Philippines by Alayna, age 8

I went to the hot Philippines and I saw that there is muddy green rice fields. I saw that there is a rock wall to walk on that divides the rice fields. The Philippines has lots and lots of mountains. There is trees but not all bunched together more apart. The Philippines has lots of cool and amazing waterfalls.

The people of the Philippines have light brown skin and dark black hair. Generally they are shorter than the Americans. Some old ladies had tattoos all the way up their arm. The old ladies also loved my blond hair.

P.S. The last two postings are from a writing assignment we gave the girls when we arrived home from our two months in the Philippines. We asked them to describe the Philippines and the people. Fred has been asking after I posted Annalise's weeks ago..."Where's the rest?" Maybe tomorrow I'll post the 12-year-old's point of view.



  1. Alayna, You did a nice job with your writing. I read it to Maya and we thought about what it must have been like to be there, it was easier after reading what it was like through your eyes.

    Holly and Maya

  2. Thank you Alayna for writing! You did a great job!
    Where's my hug?

  3. We enjoyed reading your description of your time here. We miss all of you and thank the Lord for the time we had with you. Hope to see you again.
    With much love, the boys at Valley Cathedral children's home in the Philippines.