Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winter Rain

Below are some pictures of what winter is supposed to be like. Right now as I type, the remnants of our snowmen, the evidence of hours spent moving snow from the driveway to the side of the driveway (kind of a weird ritual, huh), and the beautiful blanket that makes my yard look as nice as any of my neighbor's yards (we never got the leaves raked - another weird seasonal ritual - before it was either raining or snowing) is being washed away by a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorms and January are not supposed to be synonymous in this part of the world. I expect a severe absence of sledding, snowball fights, ice fishing, and cross-country skiing while in the Philippines, but until this point I have chosen to live in the north. I like the white stuff. Those of you who live in the north then complain about the snow and cold need to stop praying for global warming and what-not. MOVE SOUTH!

Anyway, to remind myself of the best parts of winter, here are some pictures from a sledding adventure a few days ago when all was as it should be in the neighborhood - white. My sister and her kids came and played at the park with us. And although she was able to avoid hitting a tree this time - something she always says is my fault - we did spend some time getting her out of the parking lot. (Jordan got her first chance to drive while Rhonda and I pushed the car.)

No, I didn't push her into a tree. I didn't the other time either. It is not my fault she can't steer.

Yesterday we shared at Lisa's aunt's church. It has been interesting to hear the girls' impressions as we have visited so many different churches over the past 6 months. They have really gotten an education of what a church service can look like. Yesterday was the first time they have seen a choir and a pastor wearing robes. While it has been good to visit other churches, we are eager to find our way back to Cornerstone and our friends there.

After dinner we went to Lisa's parents to celebrate her brother's birthday. We enjoyed standard fare at Grammie's: good food, games with cousins, and a little football to fill in the gaps.

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  1. TOO FUN! (and the tree was your fault last time!)
    So, if it snows before you leave we get to play football right?! The kids against us? What do ya think?!