Sunday, January 27, 2008

School Days

This week was especially interesting as our science studies involved some subjects the girls had been able to experience in our last year of travels. The first was geysers. In our time at Yellowstone, we wandered around taking in the sights while waiting for the next anticipated display of Old Faithful. We were able to see spouters, fumaroles, hot pools, and mud pots, before experiencing the famous geyser. In the Philippines, we enjoyed a few hot springs. The first I still chuckle when I think of the time spent on the jeepney then walking through the village to get to this tourist attraction. The only place I remember being bold enough to post a higher fee for foreigners. It wasn't all we were expecting but as we hadn't had hot showers, it sure was nice to relax in a big warm bathtub.

Later in the week we did some experiments about soil erosion. We got to create our own terraces, proving that is the best way to control erosion. Of course, in the Philippines we saw many rice terraces, and walked along the terrace walls (well most of the time, I do remember one small detour). It is not all the time you get to experience school like this. But we always say "Life is school and school is life."

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