Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yes, we all stayed up. Thomas' parents invited us over for some snacks and games. We even did a toast of sparkling juice. This is the first time our whole family was up to see the new year in. Of course back in 2000, we let the girls think they stayed up but as our oldest was just shy of 5 she wasn't proficient at telling time. At 9 p.m. gold and silver balloons started pouring down the stairs, and the girls got to blow their little party horns.

Looking forward to all God has planned for us in 2008...

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  1. Happy New Year! Maya made it until Midnight too, although she cheated and slept from 8pm-11:15. She was up at midnight though. Praying 2008 is a wonderful year for your family as things begin to fall into place for you all.