Friday, January 4, 2008

The Philippines by Alexie, age 10

Up in the mountains the temperature is cool. At first glance of the rice terraces you might think they are stairs going up the mountain, because of the stone wall around the terraces. Lots of waterfalls are by the road that you drive on to get to Baguio or Bontoc. The roads are very bumpy. Luckily they are putting concrete in.

When there is a lot of rain they often have mudslides and the roads are closed.

Down near Manila and Naic, it is very hot.

There are 3 main types of trees: bamboo, banana, and palm trees.

Most of the dogs we saw were starving. Chickens ran all around. In every village we went to they had pigs.

The Philippino people are very beautiful. They all have brown skin and black hair. They are small people. They are very kind. If you say you like something, they will give it to you. They are very easy to become friends with.

Some of the highlights of my time in the Philippines...

This young Philippino girl that my sisters had been playing with put her arms up to me and called me Momma (or some word like that.)

I felt special because I was not her mother. Plus, I enjoy carrying people. I want to be a Mommy.

At Valley Cathedral there was a 3-year-old girl, that I enjoyed tutoring. I got to read books with her. I enjoyed carrying her. Jenny wanted to go to Baguio with me.


  1. Alexie, what a wonderful writer you are. Your words made me feel as though I was there with you. Your wanting to be a mommy brought tears to my's the greatest job ever, I'll bet you'll be wonderful, but until then I'm sure you are a great sister, friend, and caregiver to the children you meet.


  2. Hi Alexie,
    i love how you care for children. I know you are a great friend to all the children you meet because you were such a great friend to me. i love how you like to read books to them and carry them every where. Great Job!!!
    Danielle Dale
    Buchanan Mi

  3. Danialle Dale,
    So good to hear from you.Please send me an email, so I can email you and have your email.


  4. Hi Alexie!
    Thank you for writing of your experience. You will be a wonderful asset to Jesus there. There are many more children who need your love and touch!
    I miss your hugs too!
    I liked your picture in the snow. I hope that you are able to come through Salem on your way to the Philippines.