Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things NOT to Pack

Sunday, I was hoping to make a short ice fishing escapade with the kids at the pond in the neighborhood. After lunch I went over and checked the ice. Unfortunately, while some areas were good, others were not. If it was just me I would have gone for it, but with the kids out running around it did not seem like a wise decision. Another favorite lake in the area had similar conditions. Since then the temperatures have been too high. Add in the wind and rain and I would be surprised if either is still completely covered.

Anyway, after coming back, there were a number of things I thought of that would not be getting packed with the luggage when we finally get to leave for Bontoc. So here is a sampling...

There may be more later, but since the snow has melted to slop now it wouldn't make such a nice wintry backdrop. (Although since I initiated this entry a couple hours ago, the thundershower we had earlier has transformed to a light snow and everything is once again white - as it should be.)

For those friends who have rarely, if ever, experienced snow you may not know what some of these items are. So for your benefit, from top to bottom:

  • Ice Auger - used to make a hole in the ice so you can stand on the ice looking into a hole watching for something to happen to your bobber. If you can't understand fishing, you'll never understand ice fishing.
  • Snow Shovel - designed as much for scraping and pushing the snow as for heaving it.
  • Snow Brush - once you dig the snow out of your driveway, you can then begin to brush the snow and scrape the ice from your windshield. Credit cards are often used as a substitute. This generally wreaks havoc on your credit card, which in turn helps your financial situation.
  • Cross-Country Skis - skis designed for going for a walk, of sorts, over the snow. They are a great way to explore the fields and woods when there is a fresh blanket of snow.
  • Sorel boots - the boots I have found to be the best blend of comfort, warmth, and economy. Playing outside is not fun when you are cold.

I am still holding out hope for an ice fishing excursion. A few years ago, my Dad and I took my kids and my sister's kids out on the pond in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. Maybe if we get the chance again before winter is over, we will actually catch something. (While it is always fun to do so, fishing is not about catching fish!)




  1. lol! great post! altho i can't say i've ever used my cc to scrape my windows w/...

  2. I have used my cc, and my drivers license...whatever works! The kids were talking about the ice fishing trip the other day...they had fun!